Used Motorhomes 

In Houston Tx

Our family searches the Gulf Coast for the greatest deals you'll NEVER see - and passes the savings on to you. We have access to liquidations from banks, insurance companies and other private sources for all brands and models. 

We go thru every item on each motorhome when they arrive. We check the tires, engine, transmission, generator, windows, roof, air conditioners, heaters, plumbing, electric system, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and even the closets for problems. We even take each coach on a road trip with family so we can use every feature that's important to you! 

Some coaches come to us needing nothing more than a good cleaning, while others may need a little generator repair, AC repair, sometimes roof leak repair... Whatever it needs, we fix it like we would want it ourselves. Most coaches come with a clean Texas title, while some come with a Salvage title and after we make the necessary repairs, they are sold with a rebuilt salvage title. Take it from me, having a rebuilt salvage title isn't a death sentence. I've bought coaches in terrible condition (needing over $10,000 in repairs) that had a clean title and I've bought coaches that needed nothing more than a good cleaning and cosmetic touch up (under $1,000 in repairs) that came with a salvage title. 

713RV has the best priced used Motorhomes/RVs in Houston, Texas!

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